Awkward., Temporada 2

Awkward., Temporada 2
Sex, Lies and the Sanctuary
Three's a Crowd
Are You There God? It's Me, Jenna
My Love Is a Black Heart
What Comes First: Sex or Love?
Another One Bites the Dust
Time After Time
Homewrecker Hamilton
Pick Me, Choose Me, Love Me
Once Upon a Blog
The Other Shoe

Awkward., Temporada 1

Awkward., Temporada 1
Knocker Nightmare
The Way We Weren't
The Scarlet Eye
Jenna Lives
Queen Bee-atched
Over My Dead Body
The Adventures of Aunt Ally and the Lil' Bitch
My Supper Bittersweet Sixteen
No Doubt
I Am Jenna Hamilton

Awkward. (La Chica Invisible)

Temporadas: 2 (finalizada, rodando la 3)
Cadena: MTV
Duración: 20 minutos
Fecha: 19 Julio 2011 - actualidad
Productores ejecutivos: Erin Ehrlich, Lauren Iungerich

Una impopular chica de 15 años gana una inmediata, aunque indeseada, popularidad en el instituto cuando sus compañeros confunden un accidente por un intento de suicidio.

Temporada 3

Arrow, Temporada 1

Arrow, Temporada 1
Honor Thy Father
Lone Gunmen
An Innocent Man
Muse of Fire
Year's End
Trust But Verify
The Odyssey
Dead to Rights
The Huntress Returns
Unfinished Business
Home Invasión
The Undertaking

2 Broke Girls, Temporada 1

2 Broke Girls, Temporada 1
And the Break-Up Scene
And Strokes of Goodwill
And the Rich People Problems
And the '90s Horse Party
And the Disappearing Bed
And the Pretty Problem
And Hoarder Culture
And the Really Petty Cash
And the Very Christmas Thanksgiving
And the Reality Check
And the Pop-Up Sale
And the Secret Ingredient
And the Upstairs Neighbor
And the Blind Spot
And the Broken Hearts
And the Kosher Cupcakes
And the One-Night Stands
And the Spring Break
And the Drug Money
And the Messy Purse Smackdown
And the Big Buttercream Breakthrough
And Martha Stewart Have a Ball: Part 1
And Martha Stewart Have a Ball: Part 2