Calendario actualizado semanalmente con las series que seguimos en It's Showtime y sus promos. Recuerda que si una serie se emite pasadas las 12 la encontrarás al día siguiente.

6-12 Mayo

10 Mayo
Beauty and the Beast 1x21 (Date Night)
Community 4x13 (Advanced Introduction to Finality)
Elementary 1x22 (Risk Management)
Glee 4x22 (All or Nothing)
Grey's Anatomy 9x23 ()
Hannibal 1x07 (Sorbet)
Person of Interest 2x22 (God Mode)
Scandal 2x21 (Any Questions?)
The Big Bang Theory 6x23 (The Love Spell Potential)
The Office US 9x22 (A.A.R.M. 1)
The Office US 9x23 (A.A.R.M. 2)
The Vampire Diaries 4x22 (The Walking Dead)               
11 Mayo
Da Vinci's Demons 1x05 (The Tower)
Doctor Who 7x12 (Nightmare in Silver)
Nikita 3x21 (Invisible Hand)
Touch 2x13 (Leviathan)

12 Mayo
Orphan Black 1x07 (Parts Developed in an Unusual Manner)
Smash 2x15 (The Transfer)
13-19 Mayo
13 Mayo
Continuum 2x03 (Second Thoughts)
Game of Thrones 3x07 (The Bear and the Maiden Fair)
Mad Men 6x07 (Man With a Plan)
Once Upon a Time 2x22 (And Straight On 'Til Morning)
Revenge 2x22 (Truth, Part One)
The Borgias 3x05 (The Wolf and the Lamb)
14 Mayo
2 Broke Girls 2x24 (And the Window of Opportunity)
90210 5x22 (We All Fall Down) 
Bates Motel 1x09 (Underwater)
Castle 5x24 (Watershed)
How I Met Your Mother 8x24 (Something New)
Revolution 1x17 (The Longest Day)
The Secret Life of the American Teenager 5x21 (All My Sisters With Me)
Warehouse 13 4x13 (The Big Snag)
15 Mayo
Awkward. 3x06 ()
Grimm 2x21 (The Walking Dead)
New Girl 2x24 (Elaine's Big Day)
The Mindy Project 1x24 (Take Me With You) 
16 Mayo
Arrow 1x23 (Sacrifice)
Chicago Fire 1x23 (Let Her Go)
Criminal Minds 8x22 (Number Six)
Modern Family 4x23 (Games People Play)
Nashville 1x20 (A Picture from Life's Other Side)
Psych 7x12 (Dead Air)
Supernatural 8x23 (Sacrifice)  

17 Mayo
Beauty and the Beast 1x22 (Never Turn Back)
Elementary 1x23 (The Woman)
Elementary 1x24 (Heroine)
Grey's Anatomy 9x24 (Perfect Storm)
Hannibal 1x08 (Fromage)
Scandal 2x22 (White Hat's Back On)
The Big Bang Theory 6x24 (The Bon Voyage Reaction)
The Office US 9x24 ()
The Office US 9x25 ()
The Vampire Diaries 4x23 (Graduation)   
18 Mayo
Da Vinci's Demons 1x06 (The Devil)
Doctor Who 7x13 (The Name of the Doctor) 
Nikita 3x22 (Til Death Do Us Apart)
19 Mayo
Orphan Black 1x08 (Entangled Bank)
Nuevo Capítulo
Estreno (de temporada o de la serie)
Final de Temporada (o final de mitad de temporada)

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